Budget for wedding flowers

For weddings, you need to think about:

1) The types of flowers you want

2) The colours of the flowers

3) Local vs imported flowers

4) Real vs artificial flowers

5) The amount of flowers you want

You may need to think about:

1) Bridal Bouquet

2) Bridesmaid / Maid of Honour Bouquets

3) Centerpieces (Head table, guest tables, cake table, dessert table, sign in table, etc)

4) Pew decoration / Aisle Runner

5) Corsages (for the important women: mothers, instrumentalists, etc)

6) Boutonnieres (for the important men: groom, best man, groomsmen, fathers, ushers, band, ring boy, etc)

7) Flower girl pomanders

8) Backdrop for Ceremony / Reception

9) Car Decoration

It’s not that you need to have all the above but it’s something worth thinking about. Let me know if I need to add anything!



Want to be a teacher in Ontario?

Make sure you have:

1) Ontario College of Teachers ID/Number

2) Certification in Teaching (whether a Bachelor of Education or accreditation from another province/country)

3) Understand the system (depending on specific board). Some boards need teachers to have experience in supply teaching before hired as a teacher in a specific school.

4) Apply for Salary assessment. It is based on your accreditation and grades (if you’re coming right out of university). I was told that Education students can apply for free before they graduate.

5) If you want to be ahead of the game, do your research on the board you want to work on. For example, York Region District School Board strongly believes in Character Matters and success criteria/learning goals.